Length Guide

Do you have shoelaces that are too long and would like to know how to find the right length?

Do you constantly make a double loop to reduce the length?

So if you wonder, “How do I find the correct shoelace length ?”, read on.

To find the correct shoelace length, there are 3 methods, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with the easiest one:

1. Measuring your
Existing shoelaces

Probably the easiest method is to thread the original laces out of your shoes and measure them. This way, you can assure that the new laces are the same length and fit. If the original laces were too long or too short, choose a shorter or longer length when buying new laces, or use one of the following 2 methods.

Often, original laces are kept very long. This is to ensure that every foot, no matter how wide or narrow, will fit into the shoe. You may know the problem when a shoe is very narrow, and you need to widen the lacing to get comfortably into the shoe. This is precisely the reason laces from brands tend to be sold or enclosed in longer lengths.

The most common method for finding the correct lace length is to use a standard table. There you choose the number of pairs of eyelets / holes and rapidly get a reasonably accurate length of laces for your shoes. However, you should bear in mind that the table does not tell you how far apart the holes / eyelets are on the shoes. This means that if the lacing is very tight or wide, the lace length recommended by the table could be wrong. Therefore, consider the given values as guidelines.
Pairs of eyelets Length in CM Length in inches
2 pairs
45 cm

18 in

3 pairs
45 - 60 cm
18 - 24 in
4 pairs
60 - 75 cm
24 - 30 in
5 pairs
75 - 90 cm
30 - 35 in
6 pairs
90 - 120 cm
35 - 39 in
7 pairs
120 cm
39 - 47 in
8 pairs
120 - 150 cm
47 - 59 in
9 pairs
150 - 180 cm
59 - 71 in
10+ pairs
180+ cm
71+ in
The most accurate, but also the most time-consuming, way to calculate the correct length of your shoe laces is to work them out. For this purpose, we have developed a calculator where you only have to enter the number of holes / pairs of holes (eyelets / pairs of eyelets), the horizontal and vertical distance between the holes.


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